Sammy O'Banion & Mardi Gras: Live in Myrtle Beach Cover Art

Sammy O'Banion

& Mardi Gras

Live in Myrtle Beach

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Live in Myrtle Beach

also on DVD $24.98

                     soundclips available

1   Ain't No Stopping Us Now
2   We Are Family  
3   Motown Medley
4   I'll Be Around
5   Can't Get Enough
6   Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy
7   Betcha By Golly Wow  
8   Let's Groove Tonight  
9   She Used To Be My Girl
10   Boogie Oogie Oogie  
11   Part Time Party Time Man
12   Lady Marmalade  
13   Hold Back the Night
14   Always Together (not on DVD)  
15   God Loves Carolina  (not on DVD)  



Beach Music City Limits

Tossin' & Turnin'                           Everything's Coming Up Love

  Chicken And Dumplin's                    Give Me All Your Sunshine

          Honey Poo                      Fictitous ( Everybody's In On This But Me)

     Stevie Levy Shuffle                                    To Each His Own

      Color Him Father                                 I Really Didn't Mean It

    We're Gonna Make It                                  Old Used To Be's

         Stop And Think                              I'm Goin' On With You Baby

                                    Too Late To Turn Back Now


 The Right Stuff

1. I Never Needed No One                                   8. Falling In Love

2. Just For You                                                     9. I Wanna Stay With You

3. Right Here In The Palm Of My Hand          10. Baby You Got It

4. This I Swear                                                     11. Love Is Like A Fire

5. Go On Cry                                                       12. Big Stone Wall

6. Weak Man                                                        13. Cheaters Never Win

7. Not Now, Baby I'll Tell You When 


Dancing Room Only

1. Only The Strong Survive                                    8. Private Number

2. Whodunit                                                               9.You're So Fine

3. The Promise Of Love                                  10.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

4.Come Back And Finish What You Started             11. 634-5789

5.Oh Honey                             12.You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine

6.You've Got What It Takes                              13.City Full Of Memories

7.Cowboys To Girls                                         14.Smiling Faces Sometimes

                                         15.Friday The 13th Child    


It's About Time

1. Love Running Trough My Fingers                 8. Fixin To Stay

2. Never Get Enough Of Your Love              9. Very Strong On You

3. The Love I Lost                                                   10. Carolina

4. I'll Be Around                                          11. Don't You Think It's Time

5. I'm Doing Fine                                         12. Don't Leave Me Behind

6. Hold Me, Thrill Me                      13. Jerry Butler Medley: Never Gonna

 7. Moving On up                                                   Give You Up /

                                                         I Dig You Baby  Mr. Dream Merchant 

                                                                         14. New Orleans Ladies 





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