Workin' Up A Sweat

Kerry Michaels

The day of the Red-Hot Mama has not passed. Kerry Michaels saunters into the spotlight with her talent, her style, her impudence -- delivering a spate of gritty juke-joint stompers, r&b classics and spirituals. You'll soon be a new member of her growing cult-following who have been impatiently awaiting the release of this, her debut CD.

 1. Operator

 2. My Way Or The Highway

 3. Something's Got A Hold On Me

4. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby

 5. Drowning In A Sea Of Love

 6. I Want To Do Everything For You

 7. Heaven Bound

 8. Can't Get Blood From A Turnip

9. Gotta Serve Somebody

 10. What Do You Do

11. Out Of The Rain


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