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       Artist Title  New / Used   Price
2000 Lbs. of Blues Livin' Large New         14.98
Adams, Johnny One Foot In The Blues Used 9.98
Al King It's Rough Out Here New 9.98
Allison, Luther Hand Me Down My Moonshine Used 9.98
Alvin Lee Zoom Used 9.98
Archibald, Red It Just Won't Go Away New 9.98
Archibald, Red It Just Won't Go Away New 9.98
Austin, Patti That Secret Place Used 8.98
Austin, Sil, Prysock, Red Battle Royal Used 14.98
B.B. King My Kind Of Blues New 15.98
B.B. King B.B. King Wails New 15.98
Banks, L. V. Ruby New 9.98
Barnes, Ronnie Jumpin' The Gun New 4.98
Barnes, Ronnie Jumpin' The Gun New 4.98
Big Time Sarah Lay It On 'Em Girls New 9.98
Big Time Sarah Lay It On 'Em Girls New 9.98
Birch, Dudley Can't Let You Go New 9.98
Blackfoot, J. Room Service New 9.98
Blake, Cicero Just One Of Those Things Used 7.98
Blind Pig Records 20th Anniversary Collection Used 15.98
Blue In The Face Pack Your Bag Used 6.98
Blue Light Special Gone With The Wind Used 6.98
Blue, Barbara Out Of The Blue New 14.98
Blues 'N' Trouble Poor Moon Used 7.98
Boogiemen Scream 'N Howl New 9.98
Bramhall, Doyle Fitchburg Street Used 9.98
Bramhall, Doyle Bird Nest On The Ground New 9.98
Brandon, Mary-Ann Mary-Ann Brandon Used 7.98
Brown, Clarence San Antonio Ballbuster New 12.98
Brown, Clarence Blackjack Used 9.98
Brown, Shirley Diva Of Soul Used 6.98
Brown, Shirley Holding My Own New 9.98
Brown, Texas Johnny Blues Defender Used 9.98
Burks, Michael I Smell Smoke Used 6.98
Burton, Aron Past, Present & Future New 9.98
Cadets/Jacks Cadets Meet The Jacks New 16.98
Campbell, Eddie C.  That's When I Know Used 6.98
Carolina Beach Club Washed Ashore And Ready For More New 2.98
Castro, Tommy Right As Rain Used 9.98
Cephas & Wiggins Somebody Told The Truth Used 6.98
Charles, Billy Ray Sweet, Black and Hot Used 6.98
Charlie Karp Charlie Karp & Namedroppers New 6.98
Chenier. C.J. Step It Up Used 9.98
Cicero Blake Just One Of Those Things Used 7.98
Clapton, Eric August New 9.98
C;arence "Frogman" Henry The Complete Argo Recordings New 14.98
Clarke, William The Hard Way Used 9.98
Coleman, Deborah Soul Be It Used 9.99
Copeland, Johnny Live in Australia New 9.98
Cray, Robert The Millenium Collection Used 9.98
Cray, Robert Shoulda' Been Home New 16.98
Davis, Little Sammy I Ain't Lyin' New 9.98
Dawkins, Jimmy B Phur Real New 9.98
Debbie Davies Loose Tonight New 9.98
Delafose, Tony Zydeco Two-Step Used 6.98
DeLay, Paul Heavy Rotation Used 6.98
Deluxury Shake It On Down New 6.98
Detroit's Most Wanted Tricks Of The Trade Vol. 2 Used 5.98
Dixon, Floyd Mr. Magnificent Hits Again Used 9.98
Dobbins, Debby Cool Used 6.98
Double Trouble Been A Long Time Used 9.98
Doyle Bramhall Bird Nest On The Ground New 9.98
Doyle Bramhall Fitchburg Street New 9.98
Dr. John Afterglow New 9.98
Dudley Birch Can't Let You Go New 9.98
Dupree, Champion Jack Original Blues New 9.98
Earl, Ronnie Healing Time New 9.98
Earl, Ronnie Surrounded By Love New 9.98
Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Bald Head Blues New 12.98
Ferreira, Johnny King Of The Mood Swings New 9.98
File Gumbo Zydeco Band Bon Ton Two Tones Used 7.98
Finis Tasby Jump Children New 14.98
Flash In The Pan Flash In The Pan New 9.98
Flulson, Lowell 3 o'clock Blues New 9.98
Frazier, Whop Hand Dance Used 6.98
Fulson, Lowell Hold On Used 9.98
Fulson, Lowell Them Update Blues Used 9.98
Gaines, Roy New Frontier Lover New 7.98
Gatlin, Steve It's Only A Paper Moon New 14.98
Great Canadian Blues Revue Used 6.98
Grier, Sonja Been In The Storm Too Long Used 4.98
Groove Therapy Groove Therapy Used 7.98
Guyger, Steve Past Life Blues Used 7.98
Hall, Jimmy Rendevouz With The Blues New 7.98
Hall, Sandra One Drop Will Do You New 7.98
Harold Langdon Hound Dog Blues New 15.98
Harwkins, Screaming Jay I Put A Spell On You New 9.98
Hawks The Hawks Rock Used 12.98
H-Bomb Ferguson Rock H-Bomb, Rock New 12.98
Hill, Michael Blues Mob Bloodlines Used 9.98
Hooker, Earl Blue Guitar New 12.98
Hopkins, Lightnin' King Of The Texas Blues Used 9.98
Hornbuckle, Linda Linda Hornbuckle New 7.98
House, Son Martin Scorsese Presents Son House New 9.98
Howell, Dirk Untie Me/What Kind Of Fool New 3.98
Howell, Maria Last Flight Out Used 4.98
Howlin' Wolf The Back Door Wolf Used 9.98
Hutto, J.B. Rock With Me Tonight Used 9.98
J. Blackfoot Room Service New 9.98
Jacks/Cadets Jacks Meet The Cadets New 16.98
Jackson, Chuck I'll Never Get Over You New 12.98
Jacobs-Strain, David Stuck On The Way Back Used 6.98
James, Elmore King Of The Bottleneck Blues Used 14.98
Jimmy "O" Bolt From The Blue New 6.98
Johnny Jenkins Blessed Blues Promo 9.98
Johnny Littlejohn When Your Best Friend Turns Back New 9.98
Johnny Nocturne Band Wailin' Daddy New 8.98
Johnson, Ernie It's Party Time New 7.98
Johnson, Robert Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues New 9.98
Johnson, Syl & Jimmy Two Johnsons Are Better Than One New 9.98
Jones, JW Blues Band Bogart's Bounce Used 6.98
Jones, Lloyd Love Gotcha Used 9.98
Jones, Tom Reload Used 21.98
Keb Mo' Just Like You New 15.98
Kelly, Dave Dave Kelly Band LIVE Used 6.98
King, B.B. B.B.'s Boogie New 14.98
Lamplighters Bo Peep Vol. 2 New 14.98
Larry Dunn Got It Workin' New 9.98
Lee, Bonnie I'm Good Used 9.98
Lee, Julia Snatch and Grab It Used 15.98
Legendary Blues Band Prime Time Blues New 9.98
Lewis, Jimmy Never Met A Woman I Didn't Like New 9.98
Lil' Ed & Blues Imperials Get Wild Used 9.98
Lil' Ed & Blues Imperials What You See Is What You Get Used 12.98
Lil' Ronnie & Grand Dukes Young & Evil New 12.98
Little Leopold Bring It On New 9.98
Little Mike Pay Day Used 6.98
Lomax, Willie Ribs Are Ready Used 6.98
Longhair, Professor All His 78's Used 14.98
Louisiana Red A Different Shade Of Red Used 6.98
Love, Walt Don't Go New 14.98
Lynwood Slim Soul Feet New 9.98
Mac, Debbie Crazy Little Love Bug Used 3.98
Magic Slim Gravel Road Used 9.98
Marshall, Johnnie 98 Cents In The Bank Used 6.98
Marshall, Shohn So Glad It's Summer New 5.98
Matt Leddy & Meat Cutters Prime Cuts New 14.98
Martin, Mick Blues Plate Special Used 6.98
Mary-Ann Brandon Mary-Ann Brandon New 7.98
Mayweather, George Whup It Up! Whup It Up! Used 9.98
McCain, Jerry That's What They Want, The Best Of New 15.98
McCain, Jerry Good Stuff New 14.98
McCall, Cash No More Doggin' Used 8.98
McCray, Larry Born To Play The Blues Used 6.98
McDonald, Forrest Spirit Of The Blues New 9.98
McGhee, Brownie A Black Woman's Man Used 15.98
McGhee, Brownie Backwater Blues Used 6.98
McGhee. Stick New York Blues New 16.98
Milburn, Amos Chicken Shack Boogie New 17.98
Milton, Little Welcome To Little Milton Used 9.98
Mississippi Heat Footprints On The Ceiling New 9.98
Mississippi Heat Thunder In My Heart New 9.98
Mississippi Heat Straight From The Heart New 9.98
Mitchell, Harvey Slid'N New 9.98
Moore, Gary Back To The Blues Used 6.98
Morgan, Mike The Road Used 9.98
Morgan, Terry Ridin' In Style New 6.98
Morganfield, Big Bill Ramblin' Mind Used 9.98
Musselwhite, Charlie Continental Drifter New 16.98
Nelson, Jimmy "799" Rockin' & Shoutin' The Blues New 9.98
Nelson, Jimmy "T99" Rockin' And Shoutin' The Blues Used 6.98
Nicholas, Johnny Rockin' My Blues To Sleep Used 9.98
Nitecry Run For Cover Used 7.98
Nocturne, Johnny Wild & Cool Used 8.98
NRBQ Tiddley Winks Used 9.98
Nulisch, Darrell The Whole Truth New 8.98
Nulisch, Darrell I Like It That Way Used 8.98
Otis, Johnny Let's Live It Up New 12.98
Parker, Kenny Raise The Dead New 9.98
Parker, Kenny Raise The Dead Used 6.98
Patti Austin That Secret Place Used 8.98
Perkins, Carl Born To Rock Used 6.98
Peterson, Lucky Lifetime Used 6.98
Popa Chubby The Good, The Bad, The Chubby Used 6.98
Popa Chubby How'd A White Boy Get The Blues Used 6.98
Porecki, Benji Servin' It Up New 9.98
Pounders Rockin' The Blues New 6.98
Pounders Rockin' The Blues New 9.98
Preacher Boy Gutters and Pews Used 6.98
Pride, Lou Words Of Caution Used 6.98
Primer, John The Real Deal New 9.98
Radio Kings Live At B.B. King's Used 14.98
Ravens Rock Me All Night Long New 16.98
Ray, Buddy Red-Headed Women Used 6.98
Red Archibald & Internat'ls It Just Won't Go Away New 9.98
Reed, Francine I Want You To Love Me Used 9.98
Rhodes. Sonny Out Of Control New 6.98
Rhodes. Sonny Out Of Control New 9.98
Rhythm Sheiks Migration Of The Groove Used 6.98
Ricky Donathan All Night Long New 10.98
Rivers, Johnny Last Boogie In Paris New 6.98
Rivers, Johnny Last Train To Memphis New 9.98
Rockpile Seconds Of Pleasure New 9.98
Rucker, Vernis Stranger In The Sheets Used 6.98
Ryder, Bobby Back To The Shore New 6.98
Sallings. Mark Let It Be Known New 9.98
Scott, Howard American Blues Used 9.98
Shannon, Preston Midnight In Memphis New 9.98
Sheets, Billy Please Tell Me Why Used 6.98
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Ledbetter Heights Used 9.98
Shirley Brown Diva Of Soul Used 6.98
Shirley Brown Holding My Own New 9.98
Sil Austin/Red Prysock Battle Royal New 14.98
Slim, Sunnyland She Got A Thing Goin' On Used 9.98
Smith, Bessie Martin Scorsese Presents Bessie Smith New 9.98
Smith, Roy & Magic Myrtle Beach Nights New 14.98
Stone, Stone Charles Chuck Calhoun Used 9.98
Swallows Dearest Used 14.98
Taj Mahal Dancing The Blues New 9.98
Taj Mahal Hanapepe Dream Used 6.98
Taylor, Koko Royal Blue New 9.98
Taylor, Melvin Rendevouz With The Blues Used 6.98
Terry Evans Walk That Wall New  9.98
Terry, Sonny Whoopin' Used 6.98
Thackery, Jimmy Switching Gears Used 9.98
Thackery, Jimmy Switching Gears Used 9.98
Thunderbirds Walk That Walk, Talk That Talk Used 9.98
Tommy Castro Right As Rain New 9.98
Tommy Castro Exception To The Rule New 9.98
Tommy Lepson Ready For This New 9.98
Tony Coleman Out In The Open New 9.98
Toussaint, Allen Connected Used 9.98
Tractors Fast Girl Used 7.98
Trammps ZING Used 12.98
Traxler, Dan Leaving The Juniper Tree Used 7.98
Treniers Best Of The Treniers Used 14.98
Trickbag Trickbag New 9.98
Twisters Long Hard Road New 9.98
Van Buren, James Live at Littleton Town Hall New 9.98
Various Artists Chicago's Finest Blues Ladies Used 9.98
Various Artists Classic Blues Vol. 1 Used 9.98
Various Artists American Folk Blues Festival `65 Used 7.98
Vinson, Eddie Cleanhead Steps Out New 9.98
Waitin' Walker Band Buzzsaw Boogie New 9.98
Waters, Muddy The Field Recordings 1941/42 Used 9.98
Waters, Muddy Aristocrat Of The Blues Used 9.98
Waters, Muddy Double Play Used 9.98
Weld, Dave Rough Rockin' Used 9.98
White, Artie Home Tonight New 9.98
White, Peter Reflections New 15.98
Williams, Claude Swingin' The Blues Used 6.98
Williams, Geoffrey Prisoner Of Love Used 9.98
Williams, Lenny Spark Of Love Used 9.98
Williams, Little Ed Who's Been Talking New 9.98
Willie Lomax Blues Revue Give Me Back My Teeth Used 8.98
Wills, Bert Mr. Politician Used 9.95
Wilson, Michelle Tryin' To Make A Little Love New 9.98
Winter, Johnny Platinum Series Used 9.98
Woods, Mitch Steady Date Used 6.98

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