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The Road Runners

 Boogie Woogie Roll
1   Let the Boogie Woogie Roll
2   Good Rockin' Tonight
3   The Walk
4   One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer
5   Big 10" Record
6   Up Jumped The Devil
7   Sittin' On It All The Time (Old Maid Old Maid)
8   Boxed Into A Corner
9   It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)
10   Love Rollercoaster
11   Hoopy Juice Medley
            ( Hey Bartender ) 
            ( Six To Eight )
            ( Jungle Juice )
            ( I Got Loaded )
            ( Crawlin' )



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 The Wax Museum

The Road Runners

    Rhythm Rockin' Blues

1   Rhythm Rockin' Blues
2   Rock Awhile
3   Yeah Yeah Yeah
4   Devil With The Blue Dress On
5   Leavin' Tennessee
6   You Must Be Crazy Or Something
7   Rockin' Ever Since I Met My Baby
8   Next Time You See Me
9   Every Night In The Week
10   Real Good Man 
11   Baby Baby What's Wrong
12   I'll Be What You Want Me To Be
13   Young Girl
14   Ho Ho Ho


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