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Shag Lessons and Country Line Dancing on Video

click this link to watch Pro Shaggers

click this link to see Hall of Fame dancers, Shad & Brenda Alberty, Joanne Johnson and Jo Jo Putnam

click this link to watch Junior Shaggers (kids... they're great !)

 NEW !!!  Line Dance 2006 DVD by Lisa West - $24.98


Diane Horner DVD Complete Country Line Dance $24.98


The Wax Museum
A full line of instructional videos to teach you everything from basic steps for
beginners to advanced moves for experienced shaggers.

   The Basics Learn To Shag...
New 2006 version available now !



Carolina Shag For Beginners #SS100   click to watch Sam in action

and Lisa West - take you through each pattern by breaking it down step by step.  They concentrate on proper footwork, connection with your partner and how to use the upper body to smoothly flow through your steps. Basic, Start,  Half Turn, Pivot, Belly Roll and Tuck Turns,  Belly Roll, Side by Side and more on the New 2006 version of this Beginner Shag lesson.

Price: $24.98    Now on DVD !!!  same price SS100 DVD



Beginner II - Carolina Shag #SS400

This is the obvious follow up to the beginner tape that teaches the following steps, Start Step with Female and Male Turns, Set Up, Hip Step, Sugarfoot, Duck Walk, Boogie Walk,  Male Lead with Double Turn.

Price: $24.98  Now on DVD !  SS400 DVD  $24.98

Basic Polish Techniques & Variations

VHS Only


Basic Polish Technique & Variations #SS101

and Sarah West - shaggers since childhood - help you polish your basic skills. In this video they teach: Connection, Basic Variations, Footwork, Female Turn, Male Turn, Lead & Follow, Pivot (in detail) & Belly Roll.

Price: $24.98  
Note: Sorry, NOT available on DVD
Click here for more information on the Beginner tape.



Beginner Shag Lesson

watch Charlie & Jackie Dance - click this        More !

Charlie Womble & Jackie McGee - Learn To Shag Lessons - Beginners #CW100  Now on DVD !!!!  CW100DVD same price !!!

Charlie Womble
and Jackie McGee - eight-time winners of the professional National Shag Dance Championship - get beginners started with this tape. It teaches: Basic, Start, Pivot, Male Turns, Female Turns and Belly Roll.

Price: $24.98 

IntermediateIt's The Dance To Do...



Lead And Follow - Intermediate Social Patterns - Shag #SS401

For Social Shaggers.........  over 20 Lead and Follow Patterns with emphasis on connection and proper lead and follow technique.

Great Patterns for the Social Dance Floor !  Presented in 5 Combinations

Price : $24.98  

Now on DVD !  SS401 DVD  $24.98



Pivot Variations #SS402

This is all about one of the sexiest steps in the Shag......... the pivot and all the things you can do going in and out !  Break Pivot, Female Turn-Break Pivot with Male Spin, Male Turn Break Pivot, Barrel Roll Pivot, Release Pivot, Double Break Pivot

Price $24.98  Now on DVD !  SS402 DVD  $24.98

 Vol 1 & 2 on one DVD


Together Steps Volume One & Two #SS200DVD

and Sarah West take you to the next level of expertise in their intermediate videos. In Together Steps Volume One they teach: The Burg (Stutters/Boogie Walks), Rotating Sugar Foot, The Duck Walk, The Lock (DoDas), The Killer (Reverse Boogie Walk) and Triple Hook.

Price: $24.98

 Vol 1 & Vol 2 on one DVD SS200DVD $24.98

Together Steps 3 and Together Steps 2003 on one DVD # SS200C


Together Steps Volume Three & Together Steps 2003  SS200C DVD

West teaches you six easy together steps for the intermediate shagger. In Together Steps Volume Three he teachs: The EB, Double Kicks, Cross Over, The Lunge, Hip Step and Quarter Turns, The Grayson, Stutter Turn, Fall Cyclone, About Face, Tuck With DaDas, Turn out Pivot, and Figure Eight.

Price: $24.98 



Together Steps 2004 #SS200-E   Also on DVD !  #SS200-E  DVD

New steps for 2004! New together steps for couples.  Featuring: Back Boogie, Sugar Booger, The Pause, Roll Out, Boogie Train, Twist Kicks

Price: $24.98 

Advanced StepsLearn To Shag With These Tapes...

Learn to Spin Vol 1 and Learn to Spin Vol 2 on one DVD


Learn To Spin Volume One & Two #SS301

and Sarah West take you to the next level of expertise in their advanced videos. In Learn To Spin they teach: Basic Male Spins (One Leg Single/One Leg Double), Basic Female Turns (Single/Double), Drop Spins, Flow & Connection and Variations.

Price: $24.98 

 Learn to Spin Vol 1 and Learn to Spin Vol 2 on one DVD - DVD SS301

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Advanced Shag Lessons - John and Carol Church #JC300 

Nationally-known professional instructors - demonstrate advanced steps and moves in this video. You'll learn: Boogie Walk, Pro Pivot, Triple Hook, Lean/Scissors, Sugarfoot, Da Da, Double Kickback, Applejack and Drop/Spin.

Price: $24.98 
Now on DVD !!!!  JC300DVD same price !!!
      For the Guys ! That's All You Have To Do!

Dance Technique Vol 1 and Vol 2 on One DVD

Dance Techniques For The Male Shagger Volume One & 2 #SS302 (

and Sarah West take you to the next level of expertise in their advanced videos. In Dance Techniques For The Male Shagger they teach: Control In The Basic, Stutters, Double Kick Backs, Flybacks, Hooks (Single/Multiple), Apple Jacks, Boogie Walks and Duck Walks, The Curl-2 variations, The Round House, The Corner, and The Waist Lean.

Price: $24.98 

Note: Dance Technique Vol 1 and Vol 2 on One DVD - DVD SS302

Fancy Male Lead Vol 1 and Vol 2 on One DVD


Fancy Male Leads Vol. 1 & 2 #SS-201 DVD

For you guys to impress whether you have a regular partner or not.  Sam West teaches these steps for you to shine.  Featuring: The Hip Step, Flip Lock Turn, Double Kick Back/Hook Combo, Triple Hook, Open Sweep, Hesitation Hooks, and Wrap Ups.

Price: $24.98 

 Fancy Male Lead Vol 1 and Vol 2 on One DVD  - DVD SS-201


Fancy Male Leads 2004 #SS-201- C   

Brand New for 2004 ! Sam shows the guys more steps to set them above the rest. Learn the Flyback, Twist DaDas, Side Step, Male Turn DaDas, Reese- Walkaround, 3 year Turn

Price: $24.98 


      For the Ladies ! That's All You Have To Do!



Female Steps and Patterns #SS-500

Mrs. West steps out and shines!. Lisa shows the ladies 8 variations on the Basic, 4 Types of Female Turns, and Step, Walkback, Advanced Patterns, and the Pushback

Price: $24.98 


Female Steps and Patterns 2004 #SS-500 B  

Mrs. West steps out and shines some more!. Lisa shows the ladies Female Turn Variations (Cross Over, And 1, Hitch, Overturn, Back Boogie, Step Kick, Fancy Kicks, Tuck Turn Variations also Pulse Step

Price: $24.98   Also on DVD !  SS-500 B  DVD


Shag/Swing That's All You Have To Do!
Special Shag & Beach Videos VideosThe Wax Museum


Shaggin' On The Strand -  Television Documentary #AM100

the legendary "Shaggin' On The Strand", the ONLY television special featuring the history of the SHAG and THE BIG APPLE. Exclusive interviews with original Big Apple dancers and historical photos! Watch the great beach music bands performing their hits and SOS revelers at Ocean Drive.

$24.98  Now on DVD!  AMDVD100  $24.98


Shag (The Movie)  SH700

You remember this great movie don't you ??  Anyway, you deal with the cards that are dealt you until something better comes along.

Set in 1963, A group of young ladies set out for the Beach and meet up with some guys......  (you've done this scene, haven't you ?)  Anyway, they fall in love with the guys and also with the SHAG.  Lots of locals in the movie.... can't understand why they did not win an academy award for this - better than Brokeback Mtn.!!

DVD Price:
$19.98   VHS Video Price: $9.98 


Line Dance VideosThat's All You Have To Do!


Line Dance 2006 - LW100
with Lisa West

Learn 2 original dances - Wild Thing and Midnight Special
and learn 2 all-time favorites -
Electric Slide and Tush Push

In addition, learn the Shag Mixer Dance.

Price: $24.98

Learn Line Dances With


Get In Line - includes Electric Slide
- with Johnette Nichols #JN400

Here's a line dance video for all ages and skill levels, taught in an easy-to-follow building block method with the instructor's back facing you. When they say "left foot" it is your left foot too. After learning each line dance you see it performed by experienced dancers.
You'll learn:
Elvira, Stray Cat Strut, Electric Slide, Trashy Women, Charleston and Tush Push.

Price: $24.98 


Diane Horner's Complete Guide to Country Line Dancing #DHDVD100
Finally ! all three of Diane's best tapes on one DVD!!

includes.... Country Line Dancing

Learn the basic country line dance steps: vine, stomp, pivot, hitch, strut, reggae, etc. Then dance your way through the less complicated Electric Slide to the more demanding Achy Breaky. Unlike other dance instruction videos that "break away" for you to practice alone, this video will practice each basic step with you until it's automatic. Dances include: Electric Slide, Honky Tonk Stomp, Slap Leather, Tush Push, Achy Breaky and Coton Eyed Joe (Circle Dance).
Diane Horner's Country Partner Dancing

includes.....More Country Line Dancing
Learn the basics of country partner dancing - the traditional dance position, footwork, simple turns, promenade position and cuddle.
You'll learn:
Three Step, Two Step and a special bonus line dance Cowboy Motion.

includes....Diane Horner's Country Partner Dancing
Learn the basics of country partner dancing - the traditional dance position, footwork, simple turns, promenade position and cuddle.
You'll learn:
Three Step, Two Step and a special bonus line dance Cowboy Motion.

Price: $24.98    Remember, audio CD's to match below !


Video Tape

Diane Horner's Country Partner Dancing #DH300   Closeout of this Video Tape

Learn the basics of country partner dancing - the traditional dance position, footwork, simple turns, promenade position and cuddle.
You'll learn:
Three Step, Two Step and a special bonus line dance Cowboy Motion.

Closeout Price: $
Line Dance AerobicsThat's All You Have To Do!

Video Tape


Diane Horner's Country Line Dance Aerobics #DH 400

Turn Country line dancing into an aerobic Workout.

If you know how to line dance you are on your way.  If not, don't worry!  Diane makes country line dancing easy and fun !

Electric Slide X3, Cowboy Boogie, Bocefus, Shotgun, Sleazy Slide and the Country Line Waltz

Price: $14.98 

Line Dance Audio CDsThat's All You Have To Do!

Music to Practice Your Dances ! 

Diane Horner's Line Dance Instruction Series - Line Dance Music CDs

Practice the steps you learn in the Diane's videos with these Country Line Dance Music CDs -- just the right songs with just the right beat.



Diane Horner's All-Time Country Line Dance Favorites #DHCD100

If The Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets) - Scottische | I'm In A Hurry (And I Don't Know Why) - Ski Bumpus | Queen Of Memphis - 3 Step Boogie | Burn Me Down - Pigeon | Papa Loved Mama - Walkin' Wazi | Wild Man - Dirty Cowboy | Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On - Clyde | A Jukebox With A Country Song - Cowboy Motion | Leavin's Been A Long Time Comin' - Blackjack Stomp | Gonna Take A Lot Of River - TGIF | Oh Girl (You Know Where To Find Me) - Double Cha Cha | Bubba Shot The Jukebox - Bocephus | Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy - Applejack | My Next Broken Heart - LeDoux Shuffle | What Part Of No - 3 Step | One More Payment - 2 Step | I Want You Bad (And That Ain't Good) - Cowboy Twist | Against The Grain - 16 Step | Boom! It Was Over Just Like That - Tornado | The Whiskey Ain't Workin' - Electric Slide

DHCD 100  Price: $9.98 



Diane Horner Presents More Country Line Dancing #DHCD101

Hillbilly Rock - Shotgun |Get Into Reggae Cowboy - Reggae Cowboy | No One Else On Earth - Sleazy Slide | Guitars, Cadillacs - Cowboy Boogie | I'm Over You - Ski Bumpus | You Can't Keep A Good Man Down - Slappin' Leather | Watch Me - Honky Tonk Stomp

DHCD101    Price: $9.98 



Diane Horner Presents Do You Wanna Dance #DHCD102

Dancin' In The Moonlight | Do You Wanna Dance | Everybody's Line Dancin' | Saturday Night's Callin' | Running Man Cowhand | Oh Girl | Country Stroll | Swayin' To The Music | Life Begins At Five | Everybody's Line Dancin' | Checkout Girl | Heart Of Saturday Night | Lady In Red

DHCD102    Price: $9.98 

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