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Frequently asked Beach Music and Shag questions.........

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Parties and Shag Events

General information on Parties and where to go to Dance

When is S.O.S. ??        OK..... What is S.O.S. ??  

Where do I go to dance out of town ??

Where can I go to see a shag contest ??

Were is the next big party or event ??

What events are outside the Carolinas ??

What are the dance clubs outside the Carolinas ??

Who would I call to take shag lessons ??

How can I learn to shag at home ??

My kids want to shag, how do I get more information ??

DJ's for Parties and Shag Events

Dr. Beachley - DJ & MC services

I want a Beach Music / Shag DJ for a party, who do I call ??

How do I find a DJ outside the Carolinas ??

General Information

What are the hottest Beach Music and Shag songs ??

Tell me more about Beach Music

I want to know about the Carolina Beach Music Awards

Beach Music on the Radio

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On the Beach with Charlie Brown - listen now

The All Time Top 40 Countdown

Willie C - Beach Music Cafe

Beach Music Bands - click for list


Jukeboxes - where to buy a classic Juke Box

Collectable Records - The Wax Museum - 45's, 78's & CD's


                              Oldies - Soul - Blues and Rhythm & Blues Links

Information on bands and performers

artist bios.           song lyrics       oldies artists websites

Billboard Music Charts       Oldies act tour schedules


Weddings and Special Events Professionals

I am planning a wedding or special event, who are professionals that you suggest ??


The Ring........ there is only one place !!     click for information 

 Venues & Facilities

Morehead Inn - Elegant Inn


;Donna Jerrigan
Bella Photography 

George Miller


Video and/or Video Editing

Advanced Video Services - Editing
Create-A-Video - Editing


For More CD's - Limited Quantity and Sale - Beach Music, R&B and Blues List

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