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Carolina Shag For Beginners


Learn to Shag - from beginners to advanced steps

Beach Music Documentaries

Country Line Dance Lessons

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Shaggin' On The Strand - Television Documentary #AM100

the legendary "Shaggin' On The Strand", the ONLY television special featuring the history of the SHAG and THE BIG APPLE. Exclusive interviews with original Big Apple dancers and historical photos! Watch the great beach music bands performing their hits and SOS revelers at Ocean Drive.

VHS Price:
$24.98  Now on DVD!  AM100DVD  $24.98


Beach Music performances on DVD or Video

Legends of Beach Music, Bill Pinkney, Maurice Williams, Billy Scott

Billy Scott & Prophets, Sammy O'Banion & Mardi Gras, Hack Bartley

The Embers Live at Atlantic City

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Legends of Rare Soul Volume 1 DVD cover

Beach Music & Hard-to-Find Soul DVD's

Phenomenal Video on DVD available now with artists you never thought you would ever see !!

Also, awesome stuff you have never thought or heard of !!

Not from an oldie show or recorded last week, Video from the height of artists careers!!


Legends of Rare Soul Volume 2 DVD cover

Very Limited Quantity DVD's and Videos (usually one only !)


      Title       Description   time   new/used DVD/VHS Cost
Abbott & Costello  Jack and the beanstalk+Africa Screams  165m new DVD 2.98
Aykroyd/Belushi Best of the Blues Brothers 60m new DVD 9.98
Burns/Allen (3 Epidsodes) Vol 1 (from the Tv show) 75m new DVD 2.98
Burns/Allen (3 Epidsodes) vol 2 (from the Tv show) 75m new DVD 2.98
Dick Van Dyke Show (vol 1) 4 episodes + bonus cartoon 120m new DVD 2.98
Dorsey Brothers Fabulous Dorseys 88m new DVD 2.98
Felix and Friends 15 cartoons  120m new DVD 2.98
Flash Gordon  4 Episodes  105m new DVD 2.98
Flash Gordon  Also Rocky Jones 4 episodes 105M new DVD 2.98
Gillians Island  Resue from Gillian's Island  95m new DVD 2.98
Groucho Marx- You bet your life from the tv show (1950-1961) 75m new DVD 2.98
Groucho Marx- You bet your life Tv quiz show  90m new DVD 2.98
Hack Bartley-Live @J. Michaels 21 songs+ bonus audio Cd  120m new DVD 19.98
Honeymooners - Jackie Gleason All 39 full lenght episodes - 5 DVD set used DVD 39.98
Jackie Robinson -story Jackie Robinson as himself 76m new DVD 2.98
Laurel &  Hardy best of Laurel & Hardy  85m new DVD 2.98
Legends of Baseball Jackie Robinson Story/Lou Gehrig + cartoon  130m new DVD 2.98
Lone Ranger-tv classics  Vol 2  -3 half hour epidsodes 75m new DVD 2.98
Make Room for Daddy Vol 1 Danny Thomas tv show - 3 episodes 75m new DVD 2.98
Make Room for Daddy Vol 2 (from the Tv show) 3 episodes 75m new DVD 2.98
One Step Beyond  4 episodes 102m new DVD 2.98
Roy Rogers - young Bill Hickok also My Pal Trigger + a cartoon 135m new DVD 2.98
Stage Door Canteen  feat-Dorsey Brothers 135m new DVD 2.98
Standing In the Shadows The Funk Brothers -back up for Mowtown artists 110m new DVD 19.98
Temptations- Best of  The DVD collection 5 songs - includes Stay 45m used DVD 17.98
The Jungle Book + Magic Horse   also a  bonus cartoon 170m new DVD 2.98
Topper - tv show (vol 1) 4 episodes + bonus cartoon 120m new DVD 2.98
TV - Andy/Blondie/Bev. Hillbillies and Dick Van Dyke show 101m new DVD 2.98
TV- Dragnet-Public Defender Also Gangbusters& Racket Squad 103m new DVD 2.98
TV- Lucy Show - Andy - Burns&Allen also Dick Van Dyke - 4 shows 98 m new DVD 2.98
TV-Sherlock Holmes-Mr&Mrs North Also Sgt Preston & Dangerous Assigment  105m new DVD 2.98
Whole Lotta Shakin' Documentary about 50's (great) 45m used VHS 9.98
American Graffitti The Movie (special Edition) 112m used VHS 6.98
Andy Griffith Show -vol 1 Aunt Bea & Medicine man/High noon in Mayberry 50m used VHS 6.98
Andy Griffith Show -vol 2 from the tv show-Opie & the spoiled kid/the rivals 50m used VHS 6.98
Aykroyd/Belushi Best of the Blues Brothers 60m new VHS 12.98
Barbra Streisand  My Name is Barbra (The specials) 60m used VHS 5.98
Batman-the movie Michael Keaton/Jack Nicholson 126m  used VHS 4.98
Bloopes (uncensored) uncut goofs & cut ups  65m used VHS 9.98
Brenda Lee - An Evening With  9 songs icluding hits medley & gospel 45m used VHS 12.98
Car's of the Faboulous 50's  original tv commericals 30m used VHS 9.98
Celebrity Commercials  50 celebs (Monkees,Ronald Reagan, Marilyn) 60m used VHS 9.98
Crazy Commercials from the 60's from the 60's(all black &white) 40m used VHS 6.98
Dave Clark 5 -Having a wild weekend 8 songs 92m used VHS 6.98
Deja View ult party video resung from orignial band members 50m used VHS 9.98
Dream Cars of the 50's &60's  vintage commercial and sales films 60m used VHS 9.98
Elvis Presley -Viva Las Vegas soundtrack -commorative collection 85m used VHS 6.98
Fabulous Cars of the 50's &60's  factory showing and custom cars 45m used VHS 9.98
Fabulous Cars of the 50's &60's Vol 2 vintage commercial and sales films 60m used VHS 9.98
Four Tops-40th Anniverary Special 16 songs - live from MGM grand 64m used VHS 12.98
Freddy King-live concert  From Charlotte NC 1972 56M used VHS 9.98
Fugitive (TV Show) Premier Episode(Interstate Flight) 45m used VHS 9.98
Fugitive (TV Show) the Judgement (p1&2) 103m used VHS 9.98
Good Morning Vietnam with Robin Williams 121m used VHS
Hollywood Out-takes marilyn monroe/judy garland  84m used VHS 12.98
Hullabaloo -Classic TV Volume 1 J.Walker/G.Pitney/Astrounauts 30m used VHS 9.98
Hullabaloo -Classic TV Volume 2 Animals/Byrds/B. Lee 30m used VHS 9.98
James Brown live in Concert Live Concert from 1979 - Toronto  (rare) 48m used VHS 14.98
James Brown live in London Live Concert from 1985 - 12 songs (rare) 48m used VHS 14.98
Jerry Lee Lewis Documentary 60m used VHS 9.98
Kasey Kasem-the 60's feat-Joplin/Hendrix/Doors/Who 39m used VHS 9.98
Kennedy - Image of Assassination A New Look at Zapruder Film - Great !! 45m used VHS 7.98
Life Looks Back (60's - 80's) Life Magazine documentary (nice) 30m used VHS 5.98
Lou Rawls - an evening with… over 15 songs live - late 70's 48m used VHS 8.98
Lou Rawls - with Duke Ellington 10 songs from concert with Duke Ellington 48 m used VHS 5.98
Marvin Gaye-live recorded in Holland 1978  - 23 songs 55m used VHS 12.98
Mike Myers- SNL  From Saturday Night Live  83m new VHS 5.98
Motown Time Capsule the 60's 10 videos Miracles, M. Wells, Marvin etc 50m used VHS 9.98
Mr Rock & Roll - Alan Freed Story Judd Nelson as Alan Freed 91m used VHS 12.98
Nat King Cole -biography  30+ songs and life story 90m used VHS 12.98
Ozzie & Harriet Vol 2 pajama game/ball of tin 60m used VHS 9.98
Ozzie & Harriet Vol 3 tutti fruittiice cream/road race 60m used VHS 9.98
Pink Floyd (The Wall) Rock album becomes a movie 95m used VHS 9.98
Ray Charles - Live 1991 at the MccallumThreatre 60m used VHS 12.98
Red Skelton -collector series  2 video pack rare clips and live comedy spoofs 110m used VHS 9.98
Rhythm & Blues Volume 5 clips-Eckstine, Amos Milburn, Ruth Brown others 57m used VHS 6.98
Ricky Nelson in Concert Universal Ampitheater (last concert) used VHS
Rock & Roll Classics Volume 4 B.Holly/Elvis/P. Anka/Everly Bros 20m used VHS 9.98
History of Rock & Roll Rock & Roll Explodes (early R&R lots of interviews) 60m used VHS 6.98
History of Rock & Roll Sounds of Soul ( lots of interviews) 60m used VHS 6.98
Rolling Stones -25x5 Documentary  130m used VHS 9.98
Shag (Beach Music Movie) Phoebe Cates, Brigitte Fonda 98 min used VHS 6.98
Shindig presents Jackie Wilson  9 songs from Shindig TV show   30m used VHS 8.98
Shindig presents Righteous Brothers 8 songs from Shindig show 30m used VHS 14.98
Sting the videos part 1  video clips 20m used VHS 6.98
Temptations & Tops hosted by Stevie Wonder (excellent) 60m used VHS 9.98
Video yesteyear vol766 60's & 70's uncensored  81m used VHS 9.98
Wild Guitar (Cult R&R Movie) Pompador idol encounters rec. industry bad side 92 min used VHS 9.98
Video yesteyear vol766 60's & 70's uncensored  81m used VHS 9.98



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