Beach Music "Care Package" for unfamilar folks

Beach Music Starter Package #1 - $60


Shaggin' On The Strand - Television Documentary #AM100

the legendary "Shaggin' On The Strand", the ONLY television special featuring the history of the SHAG and THE BIG APPLE. Exclusive interviews with original Big Apple dancers and historical photos! Watch the great beach music bands performing their hits and SOS revelers at Ocean Drive.

VHS Price:
$24.98   DVD!  AM100DVD  $24.98


 OK.... with that they learn history of Beach Music and the Shag next....

Let's get them to learn to dance !

Carolina Shag For Beginners

Carolina Shag For Beginners #SS100

and Lisa West - take you through each pattern by breaking it down step by step.  They concentrate on proper footwork, connection with your partner and how to use the upper body to smoothly flow through your steps. Basic, Start, Male Turn, Female Turn, Half Turn, Pivot, Belly Roll and Male Pull Through, Elbow Turn, Drape, Tuck Turns, Half Pivot, Belly Roll, Side by Side

Price: $24.98   
DVD !!!  same price SS100 DVD


Charlie Womble & Jackie McGee - Learn To Shag Lessons - Beginners #CW100    Price: $24.98  CW100DVD same price !!!

Charlie Womble
and Jackie McGee - eight-time winners of the professional National Shag Dance Championship - get beginners started with this tape. It teaches: Basic, Start, Pivot, Male Turns, Female Turns and Belly Roll.

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Add ANY $15.98 CD of your choice or let us pick a good one !

for a total cost of three items for $60 !!!!

or add Shaggin' in the Carolinas (Book) for another $15

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SHAGGING in the Carolinas

'Fessa John Hook - A History Full of Pictures

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